A selection of photographs from the database have been organised into slide shows for each area of the village, in date order. Click on the buttons below to go straight to them or just browse down the page. Each slide show has an associated index which shows a little more detail about the photographs, including how to find the full entry in the database via the Explore page.

Series A: Pond towards Weston Road Series B1: Pond towards Church Street and Bidden Road
Series B2: Bidden Road and Pub Series C: Lower Church Street
Series D1: Upper Church Street Series D2: Top of village
Series E1: Views of the Church Series E2: Church Interior and People
Series F: Weston Road Series G: The Manor House
Series H: Upton Grey House Series J: Hoddington House
Series K: The School Series L: Upton Grey (general)
Series N: People 1880 Village Tour

Series A: Pond, Willow Cottage, Old School House, Compton House and towards Weston Road

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A-1 1880
A-2 1905
A-5 1911
A-5b Alfred East c1911
A-7 1919
A-8 c1925
A-9 c1925
A-9a Pond 5 Nov 1934
A-10 1935
A-12a Pond Corner THunt 1939
A-13a c1950 Pond Willow OSH
A-15 Willow Cott full pond-1954
A-16b c1954 Ron with his donkey and cart
A-16 1957
A-18 c1963 Willow in snow from Pond House
A-18-1a Pond restored c1977
A-19 Pond-Compton House 1978(Deere)
A-20 Willow Cottage 1978
A-20a 2008
A-21 Pond renovation 2014 small
A-22 pond 2021

Series B1: Pond looking towards Church Street and Bidden Road

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B-1 1880
B-2 1880
B-4 c1900
B-5 1902 a
B-6 c1906
B-8b Arthur East c 1911
B-9-1 Pond with cows THB c 1925
B-10 c1930
B-13 1949
B-22 Wayside  car - 1954
B-23 Village Farm House across pond - 1954
B-23-1 1958
B-23-1a Pond 1977 before restoration
B-23-1c Pond restored c 1977
B-23-1e Pond restored c 1977
B-28 2008

Series B2: Bidden Road and the Pub

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B-8 c1910
B-8a Hodd Arms c1910
B-9 c1920
B-11a 1930s-1940s Pub postcard
B-11 c1930
B-12 Gables House new scan SMALL
B-14 c1950
B-14a Pond House c1950
B-18 Pub from east - 1954
B-19 Pub from west - 1954
B-20 Pub in snow - 1954
B-21 Pub rear - 1954
B-23-0 Village Farm House (sale 1957) picture
B-27 The Old Forge 1978
B-24 View of Hodd Arms (front) c1978
B-28a 2008
B-28b 2008

Series C: Lower Church Street

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C-1 1880
C-4 1910
C-5 1910
C-3 1910
C-5a Cast of HMS Pinafore c1925
C-6 1927
C-7 1930
C-8 1930
C-8a c1930
C-8b Mead Cottage c1930 - Emily  Joseph Cordery's home; Lewis, Mum, Jo, Alice, Brady
C-9 c1935
C-11 Sycamore cottage small
C-12 Spinners small
C-13 Hall, Spinners, Chapel  Barn - 1954
C-13b Spinners, Hall, Wayside 1954
C-14 c1956
C-15 1956
C-16 c1960
C-17 c1960
C-20 1972
C-20-12 A Old Bakery 1975
C-20-12 B Old Bakery 1975
C-20-12 C Shop c 1975
C-20-12 D Shop c 1976
C-20-12 E 1976
C-20-12 F Shop c 1976
C-20-5 shop c 1977
C-21 Mead Cottage etc 1978 (Deere)
C-22a 2008
C-22b 2008
C-22c 2008

Series D1: Upper Church Street

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D-2 1880 vestry
D-4 1905
D-6a c 1905 from J Wallinger
D-5 c 1908
D-12 c 1930 tinted
D-18 Old Manor Lodge - 1954
D-22a 2008
D-22b 2008

Series D2: Top of Village

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D-3 Old Vicarage c 1880
D-6 c1905
D-7 c1910
D-10-2 Manor Farm c 1920 (Holme)
D-10-3 Manor farm (Holme) c 1920
D-10 c1920
D-10-4 Manor farm (Holme) c1920
D-10-9 1923 Charles Holme funeral (2)
D-11 Upton Grey Lodge TH 1925
D-13 c1935
D-14 Church cottage 1944 small
D-15 Bailiff's House 1944 small
D-15a Manor Farm cattle yards 1944 small
D-15b Manor Farm buildings 1944 small
D-16 Cleves cottages 1944 small
D-17 1952
D-18-1 Hill Cottage sale 1963
D-18-2 Cleves Farm 1963
D-20 Cleves farm and lane aerial photo 1969
D-19 1979
D-21 Cleves Farm 1995

Series E1: Views of the Church

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E-0a Church (artists impression) c 750 small
E-0c Church (artists impression) c 1200
E-0d Church (artists impression) c 1650
E-4-2 Church c 1860 enhanced
E-4a c1870 small
E-4aa MM Church old photo c 1877 small
E-4b MM Church old photo2 c 1880 small
E-6 Church TH c 1905
E-7-0 c 1909
E-7-1 c 1910
E-7c c1920 from Holme collection
E-7d c1920 from Holme collection
E-8 c1925 small
E-10 c1935 (higher res) small
E-10a - c1935
E-11 c1939 small
E-13 1940s small
E-15 c1960
E-16 Church 1978 (Deere)
E-17c 2008
E-17d 2008

Series E2: Church Interior and People

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E-1 1857 small
E-2 1857 small
E-3 1857 small
E-4 1857
E-4aaa c1877 small
E-4c Church font and boiler c1880
E-7 c1905
E-9 1933
E-13a church organ 1942 (slide 168) small
E-14 1951
E-15a New Church kneelers c1970
E-17a 2008
E-17b 2008

Series F: Weston Road

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F-1 c1880 poss vestry small
F-2 1905
F-4 1910
F-5 1915
F-5a THB2937 Weston Road Victorian Cotts c1915
F-6 1920 small
F-6a Hunt's chalk cottage-1 1920
F-7a 1930s - JE's maternal grandad on horse  cart outside YTC
F-8 1935 small
F-8-1 Hunts chalk cottage 1940
F-8a - Dormers 1951 posted - THB
F-10 1952 small
F-11 1952 small
F-11-1 Childs Cottages sale 1957 (Village Farm Sale)
F-11-2 1957
F-11-5 Dormers 1968
F-11a 1969 Beam Ends - Green Close small
F-11b - Beam Ends c1975
F-12a Weston Rd 2008

Series G: The Manor House

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G-1 c1870 enhanced small file1
G-1-1 Manor House ex J Wallinger c 1890 smaller file
G-2 1900 small
G-2-1 c 1900 small
G-3 c1900
G-3-0 c 1902 UG Estate sale
G-3-1 Manor House ex J Wallinger c 1906
G-3-1a Manor House c 1906 (1)
G-3-2a Manor House ex J Wallinger c 1907 small
G-3b Manor House collection (1) c 1920
G-3c Manor House collection (2) c 1920
G-4 c1920 small
G-7 c1920 small
G-7c Manor House Collection (3) c 1920-30
G-9 1925-30 small
G-8 1925-30 small
G-10 1925-30 small
G-11 1925-30 small
G-11a Manor House collection (4) 1960s small
G-11b Manor House collection (5) 1970s
G-12 Manor House Aerial photo 1992

Series H: Upton Grey House

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H-1 1830 small
H-2 1902 sale particulars small
H-3 c1920
H-4 c1920
H-5 c1920
H-6 c1920
H-8 c 1920
H-8a c 1920
H-10 1923
H-11 c1960

Series J: Hoddington House

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J-1 c1830
J-2 c1870
J-4 c1925
J-5 c1925
J-6 c1925
J-7 c1925
J-3 c1930
J-8 1930
J-9 c1930
J-10 c1943

Series K: The School

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K-2 Upton Grey School possibly 1900
K-3a 1905
K-3a-1 School photo (girls) 1905
K-3b 1933
K-4 1936
K-6 May Day at school c1950 (Mens Club)
K-8 UG School 1981 photo from George
K-12a UG school 1986
K-12 1988

Series L: Upton Grey (general)

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L-1 c1880 village from Hoddington
L-2 Additional file 1 Sturts Wood (2) 1911
L-2 Additional file 2 Holme party in woods c 1920 (Holme)
L-5 Cast of HMS Pinafore c 1923
L-6 Ernie Kinge - 1st man to drive a tractor in UG - with son Norman c1950
L-10 Villagers in fancy dress on 2nd June 1953 (Coronation)
L-11 Shooting Charley Moon 1955
L-11 AF6 Shooting Charley Moon 1955
L-11 AF7 Shooting Charley Moon 1955
L-12 Bill Fox at UG cricket c 1955
L-13 Bidden - aerial view c1960
L-14 UGrey aerial view 1978
L-1 additional file similar view c 1980
L-16 Upton Grey Aerial Image c2000
L-15 UGrey aerial view 2020

Series N: People

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N-1 Magdalen Limbrey c 1720-1747 (1)
N-2 Richard Sclater 1712-1754 (1)
N-3 Thomas Limbrey Sclater Matthew 1741-1809 (1)
N-4 William Lutley Sclater 1791-1885 (slide 137) (1)
N-5 George Sclater Booth 1826-1894 1st Baron Basing (1)
N-6 Philip L Sclater 1829-1913 (slide 138) (1)
N-7 780px-George Limbrey Sclater-Booth 2nd Baron Basing (1)
N-8 Charles Holme by Laszlo c 1908 (1)
N-9 TFW Blake (1)
N-9-5 BROWNING Cecil (c1918) (1)
N-10 Winnie Seth-Smith (1) (1) (1)
N-11 Ephraim Painting c 1920 (1)
N-12 John-Limbrey-Robert-Sclater-Booth-3rd-Baron-Basing (1)
N-13 Eva with pond  apple blossum (spring) Upton Grey (1)

1880 Village Tour

These photographs of the village are amongst the earliest that we have, and all date from around 1880. This is very early in the history of landscape photography, and we are lucky to have such a remarkable record of the Victorian village. We think they were probably a set taken or commissioned by the vicar at the time, and then handed down from one vicar to the next. They seem to show a great love of the village with the church at the centre of the community. We have arranged them to give the impression of a tour, from above the Church past the Vicarage and Gables House (where we see the Church Sexton with his family), down to the pond, then looking back from Limbrey Hill and finally the Weston Road cottages. The database entry id number (which can be viewed from the Explore page) is shown at the top right of each picture. For more detail on the history of the pictures see Entry 719.

151 C-1-1880
144 A-1-1880
149 B-2-1880
147 B-1-1880
Entry 231