Window On The Past

The parish of Upton Grey has a wonderful rich history going back at least 2,000 years. We also have a wonderful rich collection of research, pictures, records, documents and objects from this long past. For all this time people have been living in a village in many ways like the village we live in today, and in many ways fascinatingly different.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of WINDOW ON THE PAST is to make this treasure trove of historical information available and accessible to anyone and everyone interested in Upton Grey’s past and how it shapes the village today.

Explore Our Database

All the information is held in ‘the cloud’ on a database of bite-sized individual ‘Entries’. We estimate that the material we have will build up to over 1,000 Entries once we have loaded it all up. You can explore the database using a sophisticated search facility that allows you to look by period, various ‘Themes’ and location (down to individual modern house names).

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View some highlights of the information that has been uploaded.

Some Highlights

We are currently in the process of uploading all our data into the database. The majority of the most interesting and important data has now been uploaded but there is much more to upload and cross-reference. If you would like to help us with this, or if you have new information to add, please contact us.
As at August 2022 there were over 400 Entries and around 1,000 documents in the database as well as hundreds of photographs and some fascinating video clips.