Upton Grey is very lucky to be a parish and village that has a long and fascinating history that is very much with us in the village as it is today. We are also very lucky to have an invaluable collection of photographs, maps, documents and a wealth of research information built up by Trevor Hart over the 30 years before his sad passing in 2020. Trevor saved (wherever possible electronically) every photo, document or other piece of information that came his way. There are literally thousands of files of electronic information and many original documents. Much of this is unique, not available anywhere else and irreplaceable. And we are collecting more information on the history of Upton Grey all the time, and always welcome any contributions, which can be easily added.

Our Aims

The aims of the Upton Grey History Society are to:

  • Promote, within the community of Upton Grey, the understanding and love of its history
  • Preserve historical records relating to the parish of Upton Grey
  • Make historical information on Upton Grey freely available and accessible to the community and the wider world via an on-line database
  • Provide a simple way for members of the community to contribute further historical records and information to the database
  • Engage the Upton Grey community and the wider world in the History of Upton Grey.


The key aims of the WINDOW ON THE PAST – UPTON GREY project are to:

  • Preserve (for the long-term) the treasure trove of material that we already have on the history of Upton Grey
  • Make it available via an on-line database that helps make the connections between the different pieces of information
  • Hold the database on a website that is attractive, modern, visual and suitable for long and short attention spans!
  • Provide a well-structured easy to use ‘Explore’ (search) facility
  • Provide a facility to add new material to the database
  • Share information via social media and provide a forum for discussion and interpretation of the historical information
  • Engage as many people as possible.

Our Thanks

The Upton Grey History Society would like to thank the following organisations who have provided sponsorship for the project:

Main sponsor: Upton Grey Parish Council

Other sponsors:

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Upton Grey Education Trust

Who Are We

The officers of the Upton Grey History Society are:

Simon Butler, Benifice Rector of Upton Grey (Chair)
Patrick Symington, Cleves Farm, Cleves Lane (Secretary)
Howard Rosen, Blackberry House, Cleves Lane (Treasurer)

Trevor Hart, who lived at Yew Tree Cottage, was a founding member and Honorary President until his sad passing in 2020.


Patrick Symington
James Holmes a Court


James Holmes a Court