St Mary’s Upton Grey History - Presentation

The Additional File “presentation” document is a pdf version of the full set of slides and text of a presentation on the history of St Mary’s Upton Grey, given by Trevor Hart in the church itself in 2005. (Note, large file size c 40Mb).

There is an extraordinary wealth of information contained in this presentation, which contains nearly 200 slides and comprehensively covers the history of the church and along the way gives a great insight into over 1,000 years of history of Upton Grey. As an illustrated narrative of the church and village it is a veritable tour de force. It was designed as a two hour presentation but can be reviewed much more quickly than that.

The presentation touches on nearly all the historical periods, locations, themes, and people in the history of Upton Grey. We have not attempted to reference all the hundreds of people and places mentioned in this Entry. However, many of the pictures and historical research included in the presentation have been extracted and expanded as separate Entries on the WINDOW ON THE PAST database, where they are more fully referenced to locations, people, themes etc, enabling connections to be made with many other Entries in the database.

There is also a pamphlet, ‘St Mary’s Church and the Community of Upton Grey’ which covers much of the information in this presentation (but not most of the pictures). This is available as a pamphlet from WOTP or from the village shop (price £3). A copy of the pamphlet text and pictures is available as a separate Entry on the WOTP database.

Prepared by WINDOW ON THE PAST editor Patrick Symington, November 2020.


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